Monday, 31 January 2011


I know I can be scatter brained and forgetful and a little dolly dimple at times BUT this time someone has definitely STOLEN/ HIDDEN my camera cable ARRRGGHHHHH!!!

I know I put it away safely . . . I can't remember where BUT I know it was somewhere safe and now it's gone!!!

The upshot is . . . still can't share new photos or layouts :(

Yesterday I had a lovely lunch with friends, one of whom took, shall we say an alternative route to the restaurant *cough* Izzy lol. After lunch and chatting we had a little shopping trip to Craft World, well it would have been extremely rude to bypass a craft shop ;). I have to say that I was very restrained and only bought some ribbon, white cardstock and 4 12x12 papers !! Shock Horror lol.
It's ok I'm not ill just all shopped out after last Sunday :D

I have signed up for a photography course which starts tomorrow, the great thing about it is it's FREE ! It runs for the whole of February and I'm looking forward to the first prompt tomorrow :D It's called "The Joy of Love" and can be found on facebook ( I've tried to add a link but it's not letting me :( )

Monday, 24 January 2011


Having been at home most of the time since late November I am so tired after being out all weekend BUT it's a happy tired :D :D

The Thursday evening crop at Stewarton was thwarted by FOG !! Not just a little fog but PEA SOUP FOG !! I'm beginning to think I'm destined not to get there at all on Thursday evenings lol.

Saturday morning still saw fog but the fact that it wasn't dark meant that I was ready to scrap and headed off to Cumbernauld :D I have to admit I didn't scrap too much and spent more time chatting and laughing :D

Sunday morning I was raring to go and had great intentions of scrapping up a storm . . . after buying as much stash as I could carry home lol.
In the end I did a couple of layouts and again chatted, laughed, drank tea/coffee and chatted some more . . . it was great to relax and meet up with old and new friends alike :D

I will photograph my creations tomorrow and upload ( if I can locate the dreaded camera cable yet again lol )

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Better late than never though lol

2010 didn't end too well and 2011 didn't start well either due to boring health problems BUT things are improving now so onward and upward :D :D

Now that all the Festivities are well and truly over it's back to serious crafting :D Begining with 3 crops this week alone !!! YES 3 !!!

On Thursday evening the Stewarton weekly crop
On Saturday the Cumbernauld all day crop AND
On Sunday the Stewarton all day crop !

I shall be all cropped out :D

Watch out for layout photos next Monday :D :D