Friday, 30 October 2009

Here they are !

Jack was having great fun with a mobile phone. It vibrated and played a tune when turned on and off, he thought this was sooo funny ! LOL

Materials used:-
Papers, Stickers, Transparencies, Cut outs; My Little Yellow Bicycle Babay Safari, Boy range. Herma Repo. Brads; from my stash.

Wednesday, 28 October 2009

12 x 12 !!!!

I have scrapped two 12 x 12 layouts..............I had to lie in a darkened room afterwards as I haven't scrapped this size for years ....but....I liked it !! LOL.
Will upload later .

Fee and I went to the SECC on Friday for the craft fair. We weren't impressed at all (again)we really shouldn't keep going but we're frightened we miss something spectacular, hmmm hasn't happened yet.
Three shops out of the whole show caught my eye, Stamposaurus, Snazzy and can't remember the other one. The demo at Snazzy was very interesting, the lady was using distress inks, a stencil brush (think that's what it's called) a mask and some lovely stamps. The effect was very striking and I need to have a little go at some this space ..but don't hold your breath LOL

Val xxx

Thursday, 15 October 2009


Just had to upload these photos of Jack.... we are so blessed with this little chap...LOVE him to bits :D:D

Lovely Day

Baby Oliver

Playtime at Leah's house

I had a super day yesterday :D
Went to lunch with my BFs Fee, Izzy and Sandra. We were joined by Fee's daughter Laura, Sandra's daughter Lauren and grandaughter Leah and my Lauren and baby Jack. After lunch we went back to Lauren and Leah's house for coffee and play time:D ( and to relax after the huge amount of delish food we had just eaten LOL)
Thanks girls and Captain Jack for a super day xxx

In the evening Lauren and I went to visit the newest addition to our family, baby Oliver. Oliver is 2 weeks old and the first baby to my dear nephew and Godson Ryan and his lovely wife Lesley. What a wee cutie, he has a mop of beautiful chestnut hair and is just perfect.

It's so good to spend quality time with family and friends.

Chat soon
val xxx

Tuesday, 6 October 2009


Baby Jack got his first pair of "Real" shoes yesterday:D He's been walking for a few weeks but we knew that it was best to wait for a month or so before putting him into big boy's shoes LOL. He's so pleased with them and wants to wear them all the time. Will post photos as soon as I find my camera cable.......yes!! still looking Grrrr!!