Monday, 28 February 2011


I had another super break at "South Littleton" in Rattray :) :)
3 days of crafting with friends what could be better?? AND . . . I got to feed the beautiful "Big Maxxxxx" :)

I managed a few layouts in between chatting, laughing and eating :) Actually I had better check my layouts for "squintiness" as I did have rather a lot of painkillers while I was scrapping (bad back/neck)and this could reflect on my layouts lol.

I have said many times before how wonderful South Littleton is for a relaxing break or a scrapping weekend and this visit was every bit as good.
Hazel, if you are reading my blog could you please adopt me ??? I am very quiet, clean and good with horses and I promise to clean the scrapping room for you every day ;) ;)

Tuesday, 22 February 2011


South Littleton . . . . here I come again lol

On Thursday I am off to Perth for some R and R staying in a hotel overnight and then on to South Littleton in Rattray on Friday ( after a lunch stop) for a scrapping weekend with 5 friends :D

I am not organised craft wise (no surprise there) but my case is organised and the ironing etc at home is all up to date :D

I'm actually dreading going into my craft room as it's in such a mess! I was looking for something a couple of weeks ago and turned the room upside down and then . . . closed the door ! Thankfully, anything I've needed since then has been in one of my totes.
So, that's a job for tomorrow :)

Oh! I've found my camera lead so be ready for PHOTOS!!!!!!

Friday, 18 February 2011


Or as most people call it "South Littleton Farm" Rattray, Perthshire.

Lauren, Jack and I had 4 super days in "The Bothy" at South Littleton ( Jack calls it the barm lol) The weather wasn't too bad and didn't keep us indoors as there was far too much exploring to be done by our 2 year old animal lover :D
Jack loved all the ponies and horses but he adored Big Maxxxx ( the biggest horse there ) We spent many an hour feeding them carrots, apples and hay :D. The Highland cows were a big favourite too and they were so friendly coming over to the fence when they saw and heard Jack approaching :D

We had a few tears when he realised we were coming home and Maxxxxx wasn't coming with us :( we've assured him we'll be coming back later in the year.

Hazel and David, thank you once again for a super break and I'll be seeing you again next weekend ;) ;)

Wednesday, 2 February 2011


I am so chuffed this morning :D

Late last night I read on facebook that I was one of two winners in an Echo Park competition :D It was totally unexpected and I'm delighted :D I think the prize is either "For The Record" range or "Springtime! both are new releases and both are equally beautiful. I'll be delighted with either as I adore Echo Park Papers . . . you probably realise this if you read my blog regularly lol