Monday, 28 February 2011


I had another super break at "South Littleton" in Rattray :) :)
3 days of crafting with friends what could be better?? AND . . . I got to feed the beautiful "Big Maxxxxx" :)

I managed a few layouts in between chatting, laughing and eating :) Actually I had better check my layouts for "squintiness" as I did have rather a lot of painkillers while I was scrapping (bad back/neck)and this could reflect on my layouts lol.

I have said many times before how wonderful South Littleton is for a relaxing break or a scrapping weekend and this visit was every bit as good.
Hazel, if you are reading my blog could you please adopt me ??? I am very quiet, clean and good with horses and I promise to clean the scrapping room for you every day ;) ;)


izzywizzy said...

If Hazel adopts you, can I come and visit? LOL!
Well, I surprised myself by actually completing quite a few layouts! Mark you, this is probably because I was scrapping Egypt and Petra and had to keep simple lines so as not to take away from the fabulous historical sites! I am really pleased with them - and I dont often say that! Perhaps I will be better organised next time and not bring everything - including the proverbial sink!
I also popped into Stampaholics on the way up and then again on the way down *blushes*

John & Margaret said...

Glad you enjoyed the weekend as I did. I also visited Stampoholics going and coming back. What are we all like? I know I'm weak! - but enjoyably so.